PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - Forest Management

  • Common forest resource management : annotated bibliography of Asia, Africa and Latin America / by Donald A. Messerschmidt … [et al.] SD669.5 C734
  • 30 years of research on forestry & forest products : an annotated bibliography / Mohamad Zaki Mohd. Isa SD235 M3M697
  • Watershed forest influences in the Tropics and Subtropics: a selected, annotated bibliography / by Julia William, Lawrence S. Hamilton SD425 W724
  • Kamus perhutanan pengurusan hutan SD126 K15
  • Directory of selected tropical forestry journals and newsletters / Christine Haugen and Patrick B. Durst SD247 H371 1997r
  • Managing the future of Southeast Asia’s valuable tropical rainforests : a practitioner’s guide to forest genetics / edited by Ratnam Wickneswari, Chuck SD235 A785M266
  • Climate change guidelines for forest managers SD1 F22 no.172
  • Improving governance of forest tenure : a practical guide / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations SD561 I34
  • Implementing improved tenure governance in fisheries : a technical guide to support the implementation of the voluntary guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests in the context of national food security / Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations SH328 I34
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation management options : a guide for natural resource managers in southern forest ecosystems / edited by James M. Vose, Kier D. Klepzig SD144 A15C639
  • Inventory of disturbed forests in Peninsular Malaysia : a guide for fieldwork  SD551 I62
  • Management guidelines and economics of natural bamboo stands / Azmy Hj. Mohamed, Norini Haron and Wan Razali Wan Mohd   SB317 B2A995
  • Guidelines for sustainable forest management and silviculture of the natural production forest in Malaysia / prepared by Svend Korsgaard   SD235 M3K84
  • Guidelines for management of wood waste from the wood processing industry : Edwind project / prepared by Forest Research Institute Malaysia in co-operation
    with Department of Environment TS1175 M266 1999
  • Guidelines for making forest management more participatory and effective / H. Norini … [et al.] SD235 M3G946
  • Forest fires and the law : a guide for national drafters based on the Fire Management Voluntary Guideliness / by Elisa Morgera, Maria Teresa Cirelli  HD1482 F2 no.99
  • Guidelines for watershed management / Forest Conservation and Wildlife Branch  S936 F6 no.1
  • The management of tropical moist forest lands : ecological guidelines / by Duncan Poore and Jeffrey Sayer   QH541.5 R27P823 1991
  • Rainforest buffer zones : guidelines for protected area management / Jeffrey Sayer   SD411 S274
  • Mangrove forest management guidelines   SD1 F22 no.117
  • Successful forestry : a guide to private forest management   SD431 S942
  • Planning and managing forestry research : guidelines for managers / by Hans M. Gregersen, Allen L. Lundgren and David N. Bengston   SD1 F22 no.96
  • Guidelines for the management of tropical forests / based on the work of Ian Armitage   SD247 A732
  • Good tree nursery practices : practical guidelines for community nurseries / Kevyn Elizabeth Wightman   SD398 W657
  • Good tree nursery practices : practical guidelines for research nurseries / Hannah Jaenicke    SD356.7 J22
  • Evolving ecological status models for selected central Indian forests : a planning handbook for development of forest and wildlife management strategies – a remote sensing and GIS approach / Shivaji Chavan, P.S Roy, V.B. Sawarkar. QK938 F6C512
  • The forests handbook / edited by Julian Evans. SD373 F718
  • Ecological forest management handbook / edited by Guy R. Larocque. SD411 E19
  • A handbook on statistical analysis in forestry research / K. Jayaraman SD387 S73J42
  • The sustainable forestry handbook : a practical guide for tropical forest managers on implementing new standards / Sophie Higman … [et al.] SD387 S87S964
  • The forest certification handbook / Ruth Nussbaum and Markku Simula SD387 S69N975 2005
  • Forest engineering handbook: a guide for logging planning, forest road engineering / prepared by J. Kenneth Pearce SD388 U5
  • Forest certification and sustainable management : programs, standards and techniques / John G. Robles, Charlotte A. Savage, editors SD387 S87F716 2012
  • CIFOR annual report SD356.48 I5C46