PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - Urban palnning & design

  • Encyclopedia of urban planning  HT166.E5
  • Encyclopedia of the city  HT108.5 E56
  • Environmental planning: a condensed encyclopedia HC79 E5G489
  • Encyclopedia of 20th century architecture  NA680 E56
  • Encyclopedia of detail in contemporary residential architeture  NA7126 M165
  • The Grove encyclopedia of Islamic arts and architecture  NA6260 G883
  • The illustrated encyclopedia of Islamic arts and architecture  NA6260 I29
  • Handbook of urban landscape  SB472 H26
  • Handbook of creative cities  HT166 H236
  • The architect’s handbook of professional practice : update 2005  NA1996 A673 20
  • The urban housing handbook  NA7126 F523
  • Architect’s pocket book  NA2540 B134
  • Planning : architects’ technical reference data  NA2540 P55 1977
  • A dictionary of architecture NA31 C975
  • A dictionary of architecture and landscape architecture NA31 C975 2006
  • A visual dictionary of architecture NA31 V834 2012
  • Architect’s illustrated pocket dictionary NA31 D256
  • Dictionary of architecture and construction NA31 D554 2000
  • Dictionary of building preservation NA31 D554
  • Dictionary of architecture and building construction NA31 D256
  • Dictionary of architectural and building technology  NA31 C874 2004
  • Multilingual dictionary of architecture and building terms NA31 M961
  • The metapolis of dictionary of advanced architecture NA31 M587
  • Dictionary of ecodesign NK1520 Y38