PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.


  • Handbook of mechanical engineering / S.B. Chopra. TJ151 C549
  • Guide to the use of tables and formulas in Machinery’s handbook / by John M. Amiss, Franklin D. Jones, and Henry H. Ryffel ; Robert E Green, editor ; Christopher J. McCauley, associate editor. TJ151 A517 1996
  • Mechanical engineers’ handbook / William Kent ; prepared by a staff of specialists. TJ151.K4 1950
  • Machinery’s handbook : a reference book for the mechanical engineer, designer, manufacturing engineer, draftsman, toolmaker, and machinist
    / Erik Oberg, Franklin D. Jones and Holbrook L. Horton. TJ151 O12 1988
  • Marks’ standard handbook for mechanical engineers / revised by a staff of specialists ; Eugene A. Avallone, editor ; Theodore Baumeister III, editor. TJ151 M346 1996
  • Dictionary of mechanical engineering / by J.L. Nayler and G.H.F. Nayler. TJ9 N3 1975
  • A dictionary of machining / Eric N. Simons. TJ9.S5
  • Basic facts on mechanical engineering / S.B. Chopra. TJ9 C549
  • A dictionary of mechanical engineering / Tony Atkins and Marcel Escudier. TJ9 A874
  • French-English and English-French dictionary of technical terms and phrases used in civil, mechanical, electrical,
    and mining engineering … / by J. O. Kettridge. TA9 K43