PSAS Subject Guide

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Reference Works - HORTIculture

  • Encyclopedia of horticulture and gardening / Walter P. Wright SB317.58 W954 2002
  • Horticulture: gardens/plants/ design/ ideas/ techniques SB1 H86
  • Scientia horticulture SB4 S33
  • Horticulture: gardening at its best.  SB1 H86
  • Horticulture: the art & science of smart gardening.  SB1 H86
  • Horticultural reviews edited by Jules Janick  SB317.5 H821
  • Elsevier’s dictionary of horticultural and agricultural plant production in ten languages, English, Dutch, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin compiled under the auspices of The International Society for Horticultural Science.   SB45 E49
  • Agro’s Dictionary of horticulture Surendra Prasad.   SB317.58 P911