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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

Subject Call No.

  • Aquaculture. Fish Culture  SH 20-170
  • Fish Diseases, Pests and Environmental Pollutants
      SH 171-199
  • Fisheries in Particular Waters 
    SH 200-324
  • Fishery Management and Conservation – General
      SH 325-329
  • Fishery Technology and Commercial Fishery Methods
      SH 330-345
  • Fishery Management and Conservation – Individual Species
      SH 346-364
  • Shellfish Culture and Fisheries
      SH 365-380
  • Whaling  SH 381-387
  • Sport Fishing, Angling  SH 400-700

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