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Printed Books

The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

Subject Call No.

  • General      QC1-75
  • Weights and measures   QC81-114
  • Descriptive and experimental mechanics    QC120-168.85
  • Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics.   QC170-197
  • Acoustics. Sound   QC221-246   
  • Heat  QC251-338.5
  • Thermodynamics QC310.15-319
  • Optics. Light  QC350-467
  • Spectroscopy  QC450-467
  • Radiation physics (General)  QC474-496.9
  • Electricity and magnetism  QC501-766
  • Electricity  QC501-(721)
  • Electromagnetic theory  QC669-675.8
  • Radio waves (Theory)  QC676-678.6
  • Electric discharge  QC701-715.4
  • Plasma physics. Ionized gases  QC717.6-718.8
  • Magnetism  QC750-766
  • Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity  QC770-798
  • Elementary particle physics  QC793-793.5
  • Radioactivity and radioactive substances  QC794.95-798
  • Geophysics. Cosmic physics  QC801-809
  • Geomagnetism  QC811-849
  • Meteorology. Climatology.  Including the earth’s atmosphere  QC851-999
  • Meteorological optics   QC974.5-976
  • Climatology and weather   QC980-999
  • Weather forecasting  QC994.95-999

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