PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

find Articles - Food technology


Use online databases to find journal articles about a subject. Below is a list of databases which are most often used.

  • BioOne 
  • Cab Direct
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Ebscohost
  •  Emerald Insight
  • IOP Science
  •  Oxford Journals
  •  Science Direct
  •  SpringerLink
  • Wiley Online Library

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. Below is list of journals often used.

  • Material culture Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc  GN406-442
  • Special industries and trades  HD9000-9999
  • Food processing industries  K3926-3935
  • Plant culture  SB1-1110
  • Food crops  SB175-177
  • Food processing and manufacture  TP368-456
  • Manufactures  TS1-2301
  • Nutrition. Foods and food supply  TX341-641
  • Cookery  TX642-TX840
  • Hospitality industry. Hotels, clubs, restaurants, etc. Food service  TX901-946.5

Other journals subscribed by library can be search via WebOPAC to identify location and holdings.


Open access articles is open to all, with no access fees that are available online to the reader.