PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

find Articles - environmental science


Use online databases to find journal articles about a subject. Below is a list of databases which are most often used.

  • BioOne  
  • Cab Direct
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Emerald Insights
  • Nature Journal
  • Science Direct
  • SpringerLink
  • Wiley Online Library

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. Below is list of journals often used.

  • Geography (General)   G1-9980
  • Mathematical geography. Cartography   GA1-1776
  • Physical Geography  GB3-5030
  • Oceanography   GC1-1581
  • Environmental sciences   GE1-350
  • Natural resources  HC1-1085.2
  • Environmental policy and economic development  HC79.E5
  • Environmental law  K3581-3598.22
  • Earthquakes  QC843 (Magnetic effects)
  • General  QE531-541
  • Meteorology   QC851-999
  • Geology  QE1-996.5
  • Environmental geology   QE38
  • Nature conservation  QH75-77
  • Ecology  QH540-549.5
  • Environmental health   RA565-600
  • Conservation of natural resources   S900-972.22
  • Environmental Engineering    TA170-171
  • Environmental technology   TD1-1066
  • Environmental protection  TD169-171.8
  • Environmental pollution  TD172-193.5

Other journals subscribed by library can be search via WebOPAC to identify location and holdings.


Open access articles is open to all, with no access fees that are available online to the reader.