PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

find Articles - electric & electrical engineering


Use online databases to find journal articles about a subject. Below is a list of databases which are most often used.

  • ACM Digital Library
  • IEEE Xplore
  • SIAM Journal Online
  • SAGE Journal Online
  • Springerlink
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Wiley Online Library 

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Journals are important sources of information for subject research. Below is list of journals often used.

  • Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering  TK1-TK9971   
  • Electric Apparatus, Electric Circuits, Electric Networks TK452 – TK454.4
  • Production of Electric Energy or Power, Power plants TK1001 – TK1084
  • Distribution and Applications of Electric Power TK3001 – TK4102
  • Electric Lighting, Electric Heating TK4125 – TK4661
  • Electronics TK7800 – TK8360

Other journals subscribed by library can be search via WebOPAC to identify location and holdings.