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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

Subject Call No.

  • Psychology  BF1- 990
  • Periodicals. Societies. Serials    BF636.A1
  • General works    BF636.A2-Z
  • Operational psychology    BF636.3

    Communication. Interpersonal communication  

    Class here works on the psychological aspects of communication in general and of interpersonal communication  BF637.C45 
  • Cf. BF637.V64  Voice  
  • Cf. HM1166-1169  Social psychology  
  • Cf. P96.P75-.P752  Psychological aspects of mass media   

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  • Counseling psychology.

  • Cf. BF175.4.C68 Psychoanalytic counseling  
  • Cf. BF637.M45 Mentoring  
  • Cf. BV4012.2 Pastoral counseling  
  • Cf. HD7255.5 Rehabilitation counseling  
  • Cf. HF5381-5382.5 Vocational guidance  
  • Cf. HF5549.5.C8 Employee counseling  
  • Cf. LB1027.5-.82 Educational counseling  
  • Cf. R727.4 Health counseling  
  • Periodicals. Serials   BF636.5
  • Congresses   BF636.52
  • Dictionaries. Encyclopedias  BF636.54
  • General works   BF636.6
  • Vocational guidance  BF636.64
  • Study and teaching   BF636.65
  • Moral and ethical aspects. Professional ethics  BF636.67
  • Religious aspects. Spirituality   BF636.68
  • Special topics, A-Z   BF636.7.A-Z
  • Cross-cultural counseling   BF636.7.C76
  • Group counseling   BF636.7.G76
  • Humanistic counseling   BF636.7.H86
  • Peer counseling   BF636.7.P44
  • Re-evaluation counseling   BF636.7.R44
  • Short-term counseling   BF636.7.S57
  • Special topics (not otherwise provided for), A-Z   BF637.A-Z
  • Altruism see  BF637.H4  
  • Adjustment   BF637.A35
  • Attention-seeking   BF637.A77
  • Audiovisual aids   BF637.A84
  • Authority   BF637.A87
  • Cf. BF723.A78 Child psychology  
  • Behavior modification   BF637.B4
  • Cf.  LB1060.2  Behavior modification in learning  
  • Cf. RC489.B4  Behavior therapy in clinical application  
  • Biofeedback training see  BF319.5.B5  
  • Biological rhythms. Biorhythm charting For special applications, see the field  BF637.B55
  • Biorhythm charting see  BF637.B55  
  • Body language see   BF637.N66  
  • Bullying   BF637.B85
  • Change   BF637.C4
  • Coaching, Personal see  BF637.P36