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The call number listed below is based on general Library of Congress subject classifications. These numbers are provided primarily as a browsing tool. This lists is presented as a quick guide to selected subject and call number ranges, and not a comprehensive research tool.

Subject Call No.


NA997/ TA418-TA775 / TG5-TG428


T145/ TA7-TA658 / TH145-TH5321 / TH6010 / TK7201

Civil engineering

GB661/ HT166/ SB472/ T57.6 -T145 / TA145-TA1145/ TC160/ TH375-TH2416/ VG597

Coastal engineering

GC89-GC1085/ TA455/ TC205-TC1665

Concrete construction

NA4125/ QC809/ SB476/ T355/ TA439-TA684/ TC209/ TH1199-TH4498/ TK9210


HF5001/ NA2590/ T58.5/ TA1-TA663/ TH1-TH145

Construction equipment

TA145-TA775/ TH900

Construction industry

HD1375-HD9715/ QA37.2/ TA455/  TH145-TH1095

Earthquake engineering

QE537.3 -QE539/ TA654.6-TA749/ TC542/ TG300

Engineering geology

GB384-GB609.2/ QE26.2-QE33/ TA1 – TA775/ TC176-TC1665/ TD171.9-TD898 

Environmental engineering

GC380/ GE145 -GE350/ HC53.2-HC79/ HD30.255-HD45/ HF5547.2/ HT241/ NA2542.35/ QC495.8-QC903/ QD79/ QE33-QE599.2/ RA565-RA566.22/ T174.7/ TA151- TA170/ TC160-TC175/ TD145-TD427/ TH146/ TP255-TP318/ TS171/ WA30-WA670/ QD33/ QH541

Geographic information systems

G70-G170.212 / GA101.2-GA116/ GB406-GB980-GC10.4-GC31.3/ GE45-GE300/ GF23-GF125/ H62/ HC55/ HD30-HD108.15/ HD1380/ HF5429.275-HF5548.323/ HT153-HT166/ HV551.2-HV4030/ S539-S590/ TA1/ TA710/ TD153 / Q1/ QE299.5

Geological mapping

GA110 / GB1001.7/ QE36-QE601.3/ TA705/ TD878/ TN270-TN870

Geotechnical engineering

TA705- TA710

Geothermal engineering

GB1199.8/ T45/ TH7641 / TJ260-TJ280.7 / TK1041-TK1055

Highway engineering

HE192.5-HE333/ TA715/ TD195 / TE145- TE270 / TG145/ TE5-TE200/ TD195

Highway planning

HE192-HE333/ TE145-TE153

Hydraulic engineering

GB661.2-GB1005/ GC97/ QE571/S623-S625/TA153-TA710/TC5-TC805/TJ840-TJ843/TL405/S133

Materials science


HC55/ TA401.3- TA403/ QA901/ QC21.2-QC176/ QD96-QD251/ TA401- TA1677/ TK7871/ TP248



Transportation engineering

HE152-HE333/ T57.85/ TA1-TA1230/ TE183/ TF200/ TJ1/ TL240

Remote sensing

G70-G70.6 / GA102.4/ GB21.5-GB665/ GC10.4/ GE140/ GF101/ HD108.8/ HE192.5/ HT166/ QA76.88/ QB500.26- QB526/QC70.4-QC915.5/ QD96/ QE33.2/ QH541.15/ QK933/ S494.5-S600/ SD217-SD425/ SH1-SH331/TA165-TA1637/TC405-TC801/TD177/TK5102.9-TK7876/TL796-TL3035/TR661-TR810

Rock mechanics

LG173/ QC318/ QE33-QE606/ TA153-TA805/ TC176/ TD898/ TN153-TN900

Sanitary engineering

QD31.2/ TD145/ TD193/ TD345/ TD745/ TD920/ TH6031/ TH6122

Soil mechanics

GB384-GB1197.7/ HE192.5/ LG173/ QE598.2/ S591-S593/ TA710-TA815/ TC176/ TD428-TD795.7/ TH153/ TJ1482/ TL243

Standards, Engineering

LB3221/ RA967/ TA368/ TH420-TH4815.5/ TX368

Structural engineering

TA1-TA815/ TG260-TG265/ TH19-TH4812/ TJ1482/ TL699


GA105-GA108.7/ HD1251/ S675/ SB472/ SF41/ T50/ TA501-TA625/ TE209/ TH375

Systems engineering

QA9-QA402.3/ T56-T58.6/ TA147-TA710/ TC405/ TH845-TH6010/ TJ163.12-TJ260/ TK7870-TK7885.7/ TL875/ TP155.75-TP248.3

Traffic engineering

HE311-HE369/ NA9031-NA9053/ TA1230/ TE113-TE251/ TG265

Transportation engineering

HE151-HE333 / TA153/ TA1205-TA1230 / TE183



Tunneling (Physics)

QC174.1-QC176.8/ QD501

Water resources development

GB622-GB1003.2/ HD111-HD9000.5/ HN15/ K3496/ QH541.15/ S613/ SH1/ TA710/ TC145-TC805/ TD220.2-TD657/ WA675

Water resources engineering


Water-supply engineering

GB661-GB843/ QC981.45/ SH157.85/ TC163-TC405/ TD145-TD920/TH6521/TJ900/TL405/WA690

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