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Reference Works - WOOD

Thesis for variety sources of information for subject research. Below is a list of UPM Thesis often used in Wood.

  • Wood resources allocation in a wood processing company   TLN 1975 5
  • An appraisal of the economic potential of rubber wood in Malaysia    TLN 1972 21
  • Dielectric, ultrasonic and viscoelastic properties of rubber wood    FSAS 1998 28
  • Capacitance-based tomography of fiberboards and wood    FS 2005 21
  • Characterization of machining defects in wood planing operation    FH 2010 2
  • An economic analysis of joint production between latex and wood among rubber smallholders in Melaka    FEP 1998 4
  • Radiation-induced Graft Copolymerization of Methyl Acrylate and Acrylic Acid Onto Rubber Wood Fiber    FSAS 2002 12
  • Biological pre-treatment of rubber wood with white rot fungi for bioethanol production              IB 2011 19
  • Permeability and moisture distribution in oil palm wood and influence on development of effective method for veneer moisture reduction   IPTPH 2012 2
  • The encyclopedia of wood.     TA419 E56
  • Concise encyclopedia of wood & wood-based materials. TA419 C744
  • The Encyclopedia of wood : a tree-by-tree guide to the world’s most versatile resource.     TA419 E56  
  • A handbook on Indian wood and wood panels : solid wood.  SD515 H236
  • Handbook on wood preservation.   TA424 A512
  • Handbook of wood chemistry and wood composites. TS932 H236 2013
  • Wood handbook: wood as an engineering material. S21 A37 no.72   1974
  • Dictionary of wood and woodworking practice.   TA419 B922
  • Russian-English, English-Russian forestry and wood dictionary.   SD126 L758 1999
  • Kamus perhutanan : sains kayu dan hasil hutan.   SD126 K15
  • A glossary of wood.    SD431 C799
  • Glossary of terms related to the drying of wood.    TS837 G563 1977
  • Multilingual glossary of terms used in wood anatomy.   QK647 M961
  • Glossary of terms relating to timber and wood work.  TA368 M3 no.3.75 1976
  • Worlddirectory of wood-based panel producers.  TS842 W6