PSAS Subject Guide

Guides to the best databases and resources for each subject area.

Reference Works - Agriculture

  • Encyclopedia of animal science / edited by Wilson G. Pond and Alan W. Bell. SF61 E56
  • Encyclopedia of soil science / edited by Ward Chesworth.   S592 E56
  • Encyclopedia of entomology / edited by John L. Capinera.  QL462.3 E56 2008
  • An encyclopedia of small fruit / Bob Gough. SB354.4 G69
  • An annotated bibliography of soybean diseases, 1882-1974 / J. B. Sinclair and O. D. Dhingra SB608 S7S5

  • The world remote sensing bibliographic index: a comprehensive geographic index bibliography to remote sensing site investigations of natural and agricultural resources throughout the world / compiled by Paul F. Krumpe HC55 K78

  • Japanese contribution towards agriculture, science and socio-economic development in Malaysia and the ASEAN region : bibliography / Shaharudin Saamin HC60 M3S525

  • Medicinal, essential oil, culinary herb and pesticidal plants of the labiatae 1973-1993 : a bibliography compiled from the CAB ABSTRACTS database / editor D.J.Cousins QK99 A1M489

  • The role of women in agriculture and rural development : a bibliography extracted from AGRIS 1986-1994 HQ1240 R745

  • Utilization of agricultural crop residues: an annotated bibliography of selected publications, 1966-76 / compiled by Y.W. Han and S.K. Smith TD930 H233

  • An annotated bibliography on vibratory soil dynamics (1969-1979) / compiled and edited by James G. Hendrick TA710 H498

  • Roots and tubers: a post harvest bibliography / prepared by the Post harvest Institute for Perishables in cooperation with the Agency for International Development SB209 R783

  • Bibliography of agriculture S1 B5

  • Research digest 1980-1989 : abstract bibliography of research in the Visayas State College of Agriculture S542 P45R432

  • Handbook to the construction and use of insect collection and rearing devices : a guide for teachers with suggested classroom applications / by Gregory S. Paulson. QL465 P332
  • Fish canning handbook / edited by Les Bratt. TP371.35 F532
  • Handbook for the assessment of soil erosion and sedimentation using environmental radionuclides / edited by F. Zapata. S623 H236
  • Handbook of formulas and software for plant geneticists and breeders / Manjit S. Kang, editor. QK981.5 H236
  • Animal clinical chemistry : a practical handbook for toxicologists and biomedical researchers / edited by G.O. Evans.RA1199.4 A54A59
  • Dictionary of agribusiness management / L.L. Somani. HD1410 S693
  • Dictionary of agriculture / K.P. Srivastava.  S411 S774 2007
  • Dictionary of plant breeding / Rolf H.J. Schlegel.  SB123 S339 2010
  • Dictionary of entomology / Himanshu Arora ; edited by Richa Arora.  QL462.3 A769
  • Buku Perangkaan Agro-Makanan Malaysia (2009 – 2010) HD9016 M3 M236
  • Buku Perangkaan Pertanian Malaysia (1980 – 2008) 6 A3 B932
  • Statistical analyses of experimental data
    S540 S7S797 (088000327)
  • Statistical analysis of geographic information with ArcView GIS and ArcGIS
    212 W872 2005 (095003584)
  • Malaysia agricultural directory and index  S410 M3M236
  • Malaysia agri-food marketing directory  HD9016 M3M239
  • Directory/ Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry TS1088 T4
  • Directory of fishery scientists and technologists in Southeast Asia  SH307 A75D598
  • Directory of fisheries information sources in Southeast Asia SH203 D598
  • Directory of forest industries in Malaysia HD9766 M3D4
  • Directory of research products : a world leader in new tropical agriculture, 4-6 Februari 2010, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur  Q180 M239 2010
  • Directory of sources of fertilizer-related information with special reference to Asia and the Pacific  
    S633.5 A75D598
  • Malaysian directory of timber trade HD9766 M3L4
  • Directory of wooden furniture manufacturers, Malaysia (2008)  HD9773 M3A657 2008
  • Directory of licences of Malaysian Cocoa Industry 2008/09  HD9200 M3D598 2008